Funded Projects

Academic Year 2013-2014

Project: Community Bike Fix-It Stations
Organization: Dixon Recreational Center
Project leader: Jessica Keil
Funding amount: $1,140

This project installed a Dero Fixit Station, a public bike repair station. It enhances the bike community through a 24-hour accessible bike repair station on campus. The bike repair station is a tool for all students on campus as well as a step towards encouraging and facilitating students to ride their bike on campus. The Adventure Leadership Institute Desk and Bike Shop are partners in monitoring the bike stations for maintenance needs.


Project: Pride Center Garden
Organization: Pride Center
Project leader: Gerrit Evensen
Funding amount: $200


a small Permaculture garden in front of the PRIDE Center. This garden would be a demonstration of several easy, ecological landscape methods to utilize in a small space. The plant pallete will focus on edibles, wildlife habitat plants, and soil enriching plants. The techniques utilized, as well as the design itself, will create a self-sustaining, very low-maintenance
garden, with products to be shared by the community. Education will be emphasized with interpretive signs, volunteer workshops, and on-campus course activities.

In 2014 a small Permaculture garden was installed in front of the PRIDE Center. It is a demonstration of several easy, ecological landscape methods to utilize in a small space. The plant pallete focuses on edibles, wildlife habitat plants, and soil enriching plants. The techniques utilized, as well as the design itself, create a self-sustaining, very low-maintenancegarden, with products shared by the community. Education is emphasized with interpretive signs, volunteer workshops, and on-campus course activities.



Project: Cooking Classes
Organization: OSU Food Group
Project leader: Madison Delmendo
Funding amount: $800

In 2014 the OSU Food Group held 4 cooking classes in Snell kitchen. These free cooking classes were offered to OSU students, staff, and community members. The specific goals of these cooking classes are to 1) instill knowledge about basic cooking skills and empower participants to cook for themselves; 2) impart knowledge about local and sustainable food systems and utilize these ingredients during the cooking classes; 3) provide a forum for collaboration between participants, community members, local farmers, and chefs.

Cooking class Feb 2014


Project: Water Catchment Bike Pump
Organization: Engineers Without Borders
Project leader: Brent Deyo
Funding amount: $600

In 2014 a 2,000 gallon rainwater catchment system behind the Student Sustainability Center (SSC) shed, a bicycle pump for irrigation use with the catchment system, and a template to aid in future creation of the aforementioned projects were built. This project provides an educational tool to teach students and the community about water issues in Corvallis including: residential water sources, stormwater runoff destinations, and sustainable solutions to meet the burden of a growing population. When the bike pump is not in use by the garden, it is used for outreach by Engineers Without Borders OSU chapter.


Project: Transatlantic Student Symposium
Organization: Transatlantic Students Symposium
Project leader: Elba Moise
Funding amount: $1,403

 The Transatlantic Students Symposia are a series of short-term graduate-level exchanges providing a student-based and largely student-run space for the discussion of topics of contemporary relevance in an interdisciplinary, experiential and transatlantic setting, in cooperation between OSU, Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany), and the University of Warsaw (Poland). The 2014 Students Symposium was dedicated to questions of environmental, cultural, and educational sustainability. After faculty-led workshops and courses at all three participating universities, a common field trip to New Mexico and Arizona was conducted, containing institutional visits, talks and workshops. The Symposium closed with a student-based and student-organized conference at OSU.


Academic Year 2012-2013

Project: Sustainable Cooking Series
 Organization: OSU Food Group
 Project leader: Amanda Green
 Funding amount: $600

In 2012, OSU Food Group's Amanda Green applied for a project grant from the SSI for $600. The OSU Food Group has utilized SSI funds for their Sustainable Cooking Series in the past with great success. In the 2012 series, the classes were in Snell Kitchen and offered students a sustianable way to cook scones, roasted potatoes, salad, and many other foods. The SSI and OSU Food Group are very closely connected and continue to collaborate on projects such as the Sustainable Cooking Series.


Project: New Solar Array
 Organization: Solar Vehicle Team
 Project leader: Andrew O'Connor
 Funding amount: $6,000

The Solar Vehicle Team has worked with the SSI in the past to upgrade and maintain their solar vehicles. In 2012, the SSI awarded the team $6,000 in order to assist team member Wilkins White with replacing the solar array on a solar vehicle. As Wilkins puts it, the project was "an amazing experience to be part of a team to build something that matters!" Wilkins was a freshman at the time, and the SSI's grant money enabled him to work with senior members to create an advanced project. The SSI is proud to help fund the Solar Vehicle Team's endeavors.


Project: Career Wardrobe Makeover
Organization: MANRRS
 Project leader: Vananh Nguyen
 Funding amount: $500

OSU's Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences club hosted their annual Career Wardrobe Makeover in the MU Ballroom with the help of SSI's Project Grant funds. MANRRS collected formal and interview-appropriate attire and offered it to students for extremely low prices - as low as $1 for a piece of jewelry and $10 for a suit jacket. The event helped students find appropriate clothes that would help them look nice for job interviews.


Project: Social Responsibility in the Apparel Industry 
Organization: OSU Fashion Organization
 Project leader: Randi Ponce
 Funding amount: $2,000

Randi Ponce was an OSU student majoring in Apparel Design and Merchandising Management. She has a passion for sustainable apparel and brought this to the SSI's attention, and aquired a Project Grant in order to make a change. She has been co-president of the Road to Responsible Industry at OSU's Fashion Organization.


Project: Switch Energy Project
Organization: Sustainable Energy Initiative
 Project leader: Nathan Hinkle
 Funding amount: $500

The movie Switch is a movie calling for a switch from unsustainable energy towards a sustainable source. Nathan Hinkle applied for funds in order to host a meeting in LaSells Center on campus for a screening of the movie, many different tables of people willing to talk about the issue, and a panel of OSU's sustainable-focused faculty experts. The event was largely hosted by the Sustainable Energy Initiative, a student group at OSU.


Project: Upstream International Health Conference
Organization: International Health Club
 Project leader: Elba Moise
 Funding amount: $2,464

In May of 2013, the SSI funded the third biennial International Health Conference, which focused on Upstream Global Health. It was hosted by the International Health Program and the International Health Club at OSU in Milam Auditorium. Many presenters came to speak at this event and offered new ideas that pertain to international health issues in today's world.


Academic Year 2011-2012

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