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What is Statistics?

According to the Department of Statistics, "The department offers graduate work leading to MS and PhD degrees in Statistics. Students can concentrate on theory or applications, and programs can be tailored to emphasize such areas of interest as ecology, engineering, forestry, genetics/genomics and computational biology, mathematics, or oceanography. All students obtain experience as statistical consultants for problems in a variety of areas, including agriculture, biology, forestry, exercise physiology, and engineering. Students interested in environmental sciences have the opportunity to obtain experience both in and outside the classroom with statistical methods for environmental data."

Related Careers

Market Research Analyst 
Aerospace Engineer Mathematics Editor
Air Traffic Controller
Media Buyer
Applications Programmer Meteorologist
Applied Science Technologist Mortgage Researcher
Artificial Intelligence
Network Programmer
Numerical Analyst
Banking/Credit/Investment Manager Operations Research Analyst
Pollution Meteorologist
Commodity Manager Production Manager
Computer Engineer


Computer Installation

Public Health Statistician

Computer Programmer

Purchasing/Contract Agent

Computer Scientist
Quality Assurance Analyst
Cost Estimator/Analyst Rate Analyst
Cryptographer/Cryptologist Research Analyst
Data Control Administrator Risk & Insurance Specialist
Data Processing Manager
Risk Analyst
Database Manager
Robotics Programmer
Demographer Satellite Communications
Economist Software Engineer
EDP Auditor Software Support Specialist
Engineering Lab Technician
System Engineer
Environmental Technologist Systems Analyst
Estate Planner Teacher
External Auditor Technical Support Representative
Financial Auditor Technical Writer
Financial Consultant
Transportation Planner
Hydrologist Underwriter
Industrial/Institutional Buyer
Urban Planner
Information Scientist Value Engineer
Inventory Control Specialist
Weight Analyst
Investment Banker Writer
Loan/Credit Officer

Related Skills

Ability to Master New Technology Advanced Statistics Skills Computer Skills Probability Skills
Able to Collect, Process and Analyze Data Analytical Skills Innovative Problem Solver
Able to Master New Ideas and Skills Attention to Details Logical Thinking Skills Quantitative Abilities
Abstract Thinking Skills Communication Skills (Oral & Written) Organization Skills Survey Designing Skills

Job & Internship Search Links

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