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About the College of Business

Focused on developing professionals who responsibly provide innovative solutions to complex, global challenges, the College of Business serves more than 5,800 students including 3,900 business majors and pre-majors, nearly 850 business and entrepreneurship minors, and more than 800 students in the School of Design and Human Environment. The college's educational programming focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation by providing knowledge and expertise that promote the development of sustainable business practices, new products, processes and organizational forms. Experiential Learning is also a key part of the college's success and efforts. Key programs include the Austin Entrepreneurship Program, the Austin Family Business Program, Business Solutions Group, Close to the Customer, and student organizations that provide distinct learning opportunities and professional experience. OSU also has the largest business-focused international exchange program in Oregon, resulting in more students graduating with first-hand knowledge of what it means to work and live in a global economy.

Degree Programs

Available with in the College of Business are undergraduate and  graduate degree programs.

Number of Students

Read the current fact sheet to learn the number of students within the college.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Find lists of faculty and staff contacts within the College of Business to help you find whoever you may need, and read some of their bios.

Career Contacts

Brandi Fuhrman, Career and Internship Coordinator at the Career Success Center is a great resource for finding new jobs and internships.

Updates, News, Announcements & Connecting With Students

Stay updated on news and featured articles that are relevant to business, which possess articles about achievements within OSU. The College of Business tries to connect students with jobs, employers and alumni in as many ways possible, including through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, their blog, and The Exchange which is produced quarterly.

New Degrees

At the College of Business a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy became available to students in 2007 and in Fall 2010 Oregon State University-Cascades students were able to specialize in Hospitality Management.

Clubs & Organizations

The clubs and organizations connected to the College of Business promote networking opportunities, and learning more about future careers.


With the College of Business you can earn credit for your internships, and can also find listings on Road Map for Success.

Job & Career Opportunities

Part time job postings and professional employment postings are listed on Road Map for Success for COB Students.

Accomplishments & Innovations

The College of Business at OSU has a long history of promoting the accomplishments of their faculty, staff and students in both the educational and professional worlds.

Mentoring Programs

Finding a mentor for your professional career is strongly supported in the College of Business, within classes, internships and experiential programs. The Business Roundtable is forum for alumni within the Portland area.


As of 2010 the Oregon State University MBA program was ranked among the top 100 in the world.

Additional Prep for the Future

In 2012 the College of Business established a Career Success Center that is housed in Bexell Hall and allows students direct access to information sessions, classes and workshops that will further develop their skills and prepare them for the most competitive internships, jobs and careers.

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