The L.L. Stewart Faculty Scholars Nomination

Program Description

Established in 2005, the L.L. Stewart Faculty Scholars Program recognizes an outstanding faculty member at Oregon State University and provides resources to stimulate creative advancements in teaching, research, and extended education.

Each year, a Stewart Faculty Scholar will be selected by the Oregon State University President from a pool of applicants who have been nominated for this prestigious award.  The theme of the award is to support creativity and innovation among the university’s top scholars. 

The L.L. Stewart Faculty Scholars Program is supported by an endowment established by L.L. Stewart and provides $30,000 in financial support for faculty selected as a Stewart Scholar.  Ten thousand of this amount will be awarded as a stipend to the faculty member, and $20,000 may be used for any allowable teaching, research, or extended education expenses, including faculty release time.  Recipients will have up to two years to spend the funds.

Examples of activities that the program might support include:

  • Creatively linking scholarship to student learning.
  • Bringing multi-disciplinary teams of faculty together for innovative teaching, research, or extended education program development.
  • Providing an opportunity for exploring new ideas in research that may not be possible to fund from traditional sources.
  • Providing an opportunity for an emerging faculty leader to develop leadership and management skills.
  • Providing travel funds for a scholar to collaborate with peers across the world to internationalize OSU’s teaching, research, or extended education programs.

Nomination Procedure

To be considered for the L.L. Stewart Faculty Scholar Program, nominations must be received by January 31, 2014.  Please send nominations to the Office of Academic Affairs, 628 Kerr Administration Building.  We expect that the nominees will have input into the nomination letter.  Nominations should include:

  • A brief letter (2 pages max) supporting the nomination that describes the nominee’s qualifications as one of the University’s top scholars, as well as the potential impact of the award on the nominee’s success. Also describe the activities a nominee will pursue with the award that will add to his/her success and ultimately to success of the University.
  • The nominee’s CV.
  • Proposed budget:  please provide a detailed summary of how the award funds will be used.